Monday, November 30, 2009

Page 8+Character Profile

I like this page overall, except the hands so I might redraw this eventually....

I also redrew this page, haha. I guess I am getting better at a faster pace!

Expect another update probably on Thursday since I have a lot of stuff coming up that's due soon.

Please let me know what you think!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Page 7

I hope everyone had a great Thanskgiving break!

I spent mine in the Poconoes with family since my uncle owns a boarding school for Koreans. I actually got very addicted to ping pong admist family drama that happened...but is page 7!

Once again I redrew this page since i was rather unsatisfied with it. And I will also probably redraw the logo since I feel rather unsatisfied with it. I plan to post a lot of old drafts in the extras section of the facebook fanpage to see what people think. I will probably have to redraw another 10 pages actually, hahaha.
But expect another page/character profile update tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Life Experiences translated onto paper

I was on the train today back home and I realized something.

Up to this point, whenever I drew something or created a story, it would be lacking something. I always tried to create some sort of epicness or heartfelt tale, but it did not feel right. I believe that this all has to do with the individual or author itself.

"One Piece" is one of my favorite mangas out there in the world and it is full of comedy, action, and full of emotion. I read in an interview once how he made such heartwarming scenes, he said:

"Whenever I create something, I need to feel the emotions my characters are feeling or else I won't draw it."

When I read this, something hit me. When I read other mangas such as "Naruto" the emotion feels rather forced than natural. To me, that is an insult to the readers.

Up to this point, I've always thought manga was about just fighting and fireblasts and insane powerups, but after reading more and more and finding out about myself, I realize it's much more. It's like nurturing a child.

Before this version of Spoon, I created a previous version in which I stopped doing because I was going through some kind of inner turmoil within my soul. But I got through it. To me, getting through that self inner struggle was one of the toughest things to ever have gone through (well for now at least) and getting through that all of that finally, I feel stronger, faster, and better (cliche I know).

And getting through all of that, my thought process has become more refined and crystalized and makes me excited to bring it all onto paper. I knew someone who told me that basing characters off of people you know is a copout, but is it really?

I'd like to create original personalities, but sometimes, basing it off of what happened in your life is sometimes just right.

For those of you reading "Spoon", I hope for all of you to fall in love with my characters as well as get to know them and feel their pain and happiness. =)

On that note, I wanted to have an update, but I have gotten very busy and no scanner on me, so on Sunday, I will definitely provide you all an update, till then,



Monday, November 23, 2009


This is the logo for SPOON, I may revise it seeing how I feel it is a little sloppy.

Please tell me what you think.

Expect a character profile or another page coming up before Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Page 6

I actually redrew this page the other day since I was dissatsifed with it.

Believe it or not, I drew the original page around...a year ago I think?

Ok, well comment and expect another update before Thanksgiving hopefully?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ponum Cossman

Just another character profile, I plan to upload some pages soon. I just have become swamped by schoolwork, so yeah =/.

This character's name is based off a friend of mine and even the resturant, Cossmoon, is based off of an idea of mine to open up a resturant with his mother, haha. The fusion of my last name, Yoon, and Cossman equals Cossmoon.

Yoon+Cossman= Cossmoon.

Get it?

hahaha, I plan to update before Thanksgiving...hopefully ^_^;

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pages 4 and 5

There are no pages 2+3 because I plan to make a coverspread...soon, haha.
Expect a new character profile soon!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Chances of Failure

Have you ever one day while walking just thought about acheiving your dream? And then become overwhelmed with emotion?

As a lot of you know, I am finally trying to get my manga together and planning on sending to various publishing companies to see if they are interested. This article can summarize how hard it is for us, "Americans".

As excited as I am to get it all done and submit it, at the same time, I feel wary. Wary in the chances of failure.

In the past, I remember always getting so confident in my art and thought now is the time. But as usual, I would become dissatisfied with the story and starting over. This could be a part of my ADD, which has gone undiagnosed but I do believe I may have it.

And when I start over again, I always look back at my old drawings and see how much they sucked. I'm deathly afraid now the same thing will happen this time.

I feel that this version is really close my ideal story and my art has gotten a lot better to the point maybe that it is professional. At least on par with "Dragonball"....not to insult the great Toriyama san (author of Dragonball) of course.

I have a set vision for Spoon and in success, so I hope it happens although I believe I will go through a lot of failures first. And if I succeeed, expect an EPIC party of all proportions...and if I fail, still an EPIC fail party of all proportions, hahaha.

So in due time, we shall see if I fail or not, although I believe I will. The question is what will I do if I recieve nothing? I will most likely trudge forward and learn.

Expect an update sometime this weekend or next week.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Character Profile 2+Page 1

First page of chapter 1 of SPOON! I do plan on coloring it eventually, but as to when, I do not know. Well once I finish drawing the entire chapter, haha.

This page, now looking at it, seems like a good opener but at the same time, the town seems a bit too dull, but I do want it to be ordinary looking since the name of the town is based off the town I ACTUALLY do live in.

Character profile 2 is Cindra. If any of you have read my previous versions, you know that she is always the accompanying female to Charles, haha.

Well do expect more updates from me as I do plan on posting more character profiles and more pages soon!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Character Profile 1


As promised, I have started to draw character profiles of each of my characters. This is my first time because I usually do not do character profiles. So do not be too surprised if it seems a little inadequate.

I will most likely be making a facebook group soon for my manga as well, so watch out for that!

I will be posting another character profile sometime soon, so look out for it!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ships to carry my Dream

A friend of mine gave me a link to all thee publishing companies for anyone else itnerested:

The companies listed below are the possible companies I am thinking of submitting my work to:

ANTARCTIC PRESS (GOLD DIGGER, LAND OF OZ, NINJA HIGH SCHOOL) prefer you to be an artist versed in penciling, inking, and writing. As publishers, they prefer creators who can do it all. If you can’t ink your own work, but they like your pencils they’ll team you up with an inker but the royalty will now be spread between you and the inker. The same deal applies if you work with a writer. If you can do it all, then it’s better for you and for them.Submit ONE COMPLETE ISSUE (22-30 pages) of rendered (penciled, inked) SEQUENTIAL art. They tend to prefer a MANGA / ANIME style but will review your work regardless.For writers submit 1- to 4-page typed STORY SYNOPSIS and/or TREATMENTS.
DEL REY MANGA (AIR GEAR, ALIVE, FAIRY TAIL, GACHA GACHA NEXT REVOLUTION, PAPILLON, PRINCESS RESURRECTION), are always looking for new creative talent, so they accept and review unsolicited submissions from writers and artists. They will review either proposals for original, manga-style graphic novels or portfolios of artists who are proficient at drawing in the manga style.If you’re a writer, try to attach an artist to your project. If you’re an artist, send in samples. Del Ray is looking for artists who are capable of executing a book-length, manga-style narrative. Show them some manga pages!TRANSLATORS: All translation at Del Rey Manga is handled on a freelance, out-of-house basis; They hire both literal translators and adapters, as well as translators who are capable of adapting their own work.
GO COMI! (THREE IN LOVE, ULTIMATE VENUS) accepts resumes for freelance adaptors, translators, and layout artists interested in working on manga.
ITCH PUBLISHING is based in the UK, and is focused on the local manga scene. They’re happy to consider submissions from outside the UK though, especially if they’re good. They can’t pay you a lot of money, but they’ll can get you a great looking book.
KITTY PRESS MAKA MAKA says that people are free to send submissions at anytime. They are not actively taking submissions for inclusion in the Kitty Universe, but may in the near future. They keep all submissions on file in case they start to hire at a later date. Accepting submissions from writers, pencillers, inkers, and colorist, or combinations of these.
LIME MEDIA (HAWAII STAR MANGA PROJECT) is looking for new, original comic/manga stories for publication. They welcome all comic creators, especially Hawaii’s artists (and former Hawaii residents) to submit story proposals for consideration. They respect Creator’s rights, and use only CREATOR OWNED properties. They are currently accepting proposals for comic projects, illustrated fiction, and non fiction such as convention coverage or manga/comic/game and other product reviews.
P2 Manga LLC is a small Manga company started up in July, 2008. If your’e submitting an artist package, they are looking for 10-20 completed pages both inked and toned.
SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT LLC (#UPDATE: Alterna Comics is NOT actively seeking submissions at this time) is currently accepting sequential art related samples drawn by artists in authentic manga style. WRITERS – NO DICE – For legal reasons, Seven Seas Entertainment will not accept any unsolicited series proposals and/or manuscripts.ARTIST/WRITER TEAMSIf you have an existing webcomic/webmanga or other sequential art samples that are currently on the web, then you may follow the guidelines outlined in the artist section above.
TOKYOPOP is looking for creators who can deliver tight, punchy, well-paced Pilots that entertain and introduce a new property. A Manga Pilot may be the first chapter of a planned graphic novel, or a self-contained side introducing the property. Download the Submissions Release Agreement. All submissions should be sent via mail or courier. They have one of the most elaborate submissions policies so be sure to review all of it.
VIZ Media’s Original Publishing Department welcomes professional pitches for original comics submissions. Don’t submit anything based on any of their titles. Only submit high-quality photocopies or discs with digital files Download a Submission Release and mail your work and the signed Submission Release in.

So far, I am interested in only Del Rey, Viz, and Anartica Press. I feel like Tokyo Pop is very narrow minded in what they want, but we'll see how it goes.

I plan to start posting character sketches and data soon since I do need to submit those soon along with a story summary.

So look forward to it!

Thursday, November 5, 2009



I have not been updating for awhile due to me being busy with school and all. But I am drawing. I will definitely put more effort into maintaining this site with posting up pics and character designs from my manga of course!

In the meantime, I will post up my previous 2 versions of Spoon:

Version 1:

Version 2:

I have been working on this since the 5th grade. The origins of this story will be told eventually, haha. But I believe after looking at my past drawings, I have defnitely improved. Haha.

But I am still striving to be a better manga artist. So please help me!