Thursday, December 31, 2009

I hope everyone will have a safe one...and remember...drink lots of water! haha

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Pages 21+22+23

I redrew this page because a rival of mine told me the proportion was off..and I felt that too, so yeah.

Ok, well winter classes start for me tomorrow, but I hope to have another 3 pages up before New Year's Eve!

Friday, December 25, 2009


Merry Late Christmas!

I am sorry that I have not updated in awhile,. this is due to one of my pens running out of ink, so I plan to go to the store tomorrow and inking some redone pages and will post them up ASAP! I also plan to redraw page 21 since it

After chapter 1 is finished, which I hope is done by the end of winter break, I am debating on whether I will do a serialization for Spoon meaning releasing it at either a weekly, biweekly, or monthly pace.

I was recently offered to do a serial by this site:

The owner of the site said this:

"Well, basically, do you know the aim of the Comikkaze site? I want to offer you what I call a "staple artist" position. It's what Franny does as well. It sounds fancy, but basically all it is, is Comikkaze is this monster blob that absorbs and builds partnerships with other sites and gains exclusive comics that appear there first.What that means is if you become one of the staple artists, we will link Comikkaze to your blogspot, your poster will go up on the homepage, and Spoon will have it's own page on Comikkaze. Now, the way this benefits Comikkaze and you as well, is that it's a paid domain, which means it shows up when you google it. Now, not everyone's gonna just outta blue google comikkaze, right? Well, that's where staple artists come in. Google searches by relevance, therefore the more staple artists we have, the more fans will search for that specific comic, and find it exclusively on Comikkaze. Now, in order to make it exclusive, there must be incentive to come to Comikkaze and Comikkaze only, and this is probably the only commitment you have to make, but it's important. If you've noticed, me and Franny release our manga a little differently then other webcomic artists. We release ours like an actual comic, the whole chapter, not just pages, at once. We only do this for Comikkaze. Do you see where this is going? The incentive is, that whatever other site you post your comic on, whether it's smackjeeves or whatever places there are, you release them slowly, painfully slowly if you wish, by a couple pages. Then you tease and say, "if you'd like to see the whole chapter, it's already up on Comikkaze!"Now in order for this to work, you must be a team player, and realize that a paid domain will draw much more traffic if you are willing to advertise it foremost. This is my strategy of network popularity building. Does that sound like something you could benefit from? Not as deep as I made it sound, it's just a help me help you sorta thing."

It is an alternative site that I use to post up my manga, in fact, one could call it "a facebook for mangakas".

In the past, I was able to release a chapter every week, but this was mostly due to me having more time and it seemed my manga seemed like one big doodle rather than a manga.

Another reason I am pondering this is because by doing this, I will rapidly get better at drawing since in the past, this is how I improved and how mangakas (manga artists) in general, get a lot better. So even if I get rejected after my submission, I hope to continue this.


If I do serial for this, my plan is to stop after the first arc because doing the series in its entirety will take me 10 years, and I do want Spoon to be a professional manga being published in books, not just as a webcomic.

So I would like some input for those of you who are reading this.

And of course, expect a update before New Years.

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Page 17

The fourth panel gave me a lot of trouble and even now, I am not 100% satisfied with it, but ok...

I will try to post up another page by tomorrow seeing as how I have to redraw a lot more than I imagined...

tell me what you think!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Page 16

Hi, I hope everyone had a great weekend.

This week will be a tough one since I have a final and some other end of the semester stuff to sort out, but I will definitely try to upload another page when I have the chance...since that must redrawn too, hahaha.

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

page 15

I probably will not have another page till next week since this week is a pretty busy one, considering it's finals week.

So tell me what you think!

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Page 9 along with some good/bad news

another redrawn page and here is some good/bad news. First the good news:

I am almost done drawing the first chapter!

Bad news...

I need to go back and redraw some pages along with detailing.

Not too bad, right? I will try to have some more pages by the weekend!

Please comment and enjoy :)