Monday, May 21, 2012

Life as is now

Hello everyone,

I know I haven't been posting much lately, but I have been busy drawing SPOON (duh), and settling into my new job.  Which also means I am in the midst of moving since I will be further up north closer to my friends and my girlfriend :)

Chapter 2 will be wrapping up soon and then I will take a 2 week break and in the break, I hope to create a good buffer and also practice some drawing.  I realize that my poses are still a little awkward when I draw them, so I am going to start working on some body figure drawings to improve this.

Also pretty soon, I have a HUGE surprise for SPOON fans...I'll let you know.



Friday, April 27, 2012


hey guys,

soooo to get closer to my audience (well the small following i have right now that is haha)

at certain times, I will livestream.  What does that mean? you can watch me draw!!! ...LIVE!

so I will always notify you guys when I will draw live through twitter or facebook. The site is here, so add it to your favs!

I look forward to talking to you all soon! :)


Monday, April 16, 2012

unintentional blog hiatus

hey guys!

Long time no talk..well on this blog anyways haha....

For those of you who do not know, chapter 1 of spoon is finally finished and you can check it out here:

I am working diligently on chapter 2 as we speak! For other chapter releases, I plan on taking the same pace of releasing pages 5 days a week and then taking a 2 week break inbetween.

I hope by the end of this summer to unveil some cool surprises so stay tuned!


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

too long (that's what she said...huh!?!?)

hey everyone,

it's been awhile, I have been drawing like nuts, working like nuts, and partying like nuts, that's a lot of nuts, right? hahah

well anyways, I want to update saying thank you for the support I have received thus far from fans thus far and that every comment motivates me to draw even more.

If some of you have not heard, I have backed out of the yen press contest so I can get better at drawing and hopefully in one years time, my drawings will be at a whole another level and that SPOON will be in a different place...different place????

I have a lot of hopes and dreams with this edition and I hope people will stick around for it...


Monday, February 6, 2012

in times like these...


So as usual, I am in a tight spot, drawing SPOON and on top of that, I am ALMOST done outlining for the yenpress contest........which is more difficult than you think since I have to fit it all into 32 pages, lol.

In other news, PROMATEURS, episode 14 is up:

It is called the "LOST EPISODE" because we recorded this previously, but it didn't record, lol.

You can check out her awesome manga here!

uh...I have a lot of stuff to talk about...mainly, promoting SPOON, I have been thinking more and more of trying to advertise it, but using sites such as smackjeeves and drunkduck seem to be getting me nowhere, but it also could be that the concept is very foreign to people and also the drawings still need work, lol.

But I keep telling myself the first chapter is yet to be finished and it's been only a month, so we shall see where things go in my to do list is as included:

-ONESHOT for yenpress
-setting up a DEVIANTART page

also, there will be a small hiatus for the podcast since my cohost has gone on yeah..that is all for now! back to drawing! haha


Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Yooooooooooooo! nicorn...just kidding...get it? hahah...anyways...

I have been working like feverish beaver(well yoonicorn) and I have decided to start working on other projects ontop of SPOON..yes, I am crazy!

YENPRESS has initiated a grand tournament:

Yes, I will be entering this grand ordeal which requires 30 pages of epicness and for it, I have prepared a story, NOT SPOON, but one called O.G.

A story about a grandpa and a kung fu summary because I suck at summarizing..I feel like my summaries give away spoilers haha: heres a sketch below of the rough character sketch...

The epic contest is due March 30th...2 months...30 pages...O__O, my goal is to finish the rough draft for it by the end January so I can start penciling and stuff.

And my SECOND PROJECT is a child manga called YOKAI, a story about a monster boy with horns and just moved into a neighborhood and is a social outcast...haha

The sketch is just the design for the main character named YOKAI...whose name was inspired by a kid I recently met named...Yokai...hahah.

My goal with YOKAI is to submit it to publishers aiming towards a child hood audience hoping for it to be a kids manga teaching them morals and then eventually becoming an epic adventuring manga allowing kids to grow up with the character, but the market is getting I don't know, my goal is to have a couple of pages done by....March?

So really everything is piling up, my real job, and drawing.

I still want to update SPOON 5 times a week since it is just growing and I am pretty much on fire about the story at this point..but I am not sure if it will ever go past being a webmanga due to the strangeness of it..but we shall see...

ok, I've said a looooooot! haha also I am excited to have this awesome guest on our podcast...soon! who you may ask???....SECRET!


Monday, January 16, 2012

the land of YOONICORNS

Hello everyone! It's been awhile!

I've been really busy with the serialization of SPOON since it updates 5 days a week, haha. Ontop of that I have work Monday through Fridays from 8:30-5:30pm and then my 2nd job from 6-7pm and then I get home and have roughly about 3-4 hours to draw if I don't procrastinate haha.

Anyways, I've decided to post some pics of my workspace!

My workdesk!

My computer! Usually I am skyping with Contreras or looking at manga haha

The scanner of ultimateness!!!


For the next update, I'll put up some rought sketches of outlines I have started to do for chapters.

Ok, till next time!


Monday, January 2, 2012

Por que....?

That's right...Charles is now speaking spanish!!! hahaha.

My friend/amigo/rival/podcast cohost, FELIPE CONTRERAS has helped me translate SPOON into spanish. Check it out!

And as usual, check out Contreras' epic manga, BLADE OF THE FREAK:

and his other manga about space!

and finally, do not forget our podcast! lol.

PHEW! That's a lot of links...ONE MORE..which is where to find MY MANGA, haha.

The manga will be updated MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY, so 5 pages a week...we shall see how this will go. lol....