Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Future of Spoon


I have been uploading pages of chapter 1 individually day by day and now it is almost coming to end (finally! I know!).

From here on out, I plan on ONLY posting full chapters on facebook since most of my readers are situated there (click on the fanpage box to the right hand corner of the site). Full chapters will be released every other week aka biweekly. Following chapters will not be as big as chapter 1, so do not expect every chapter to be over 70 pages. lol.

On other sites, I will post page by page, since that is the best way of getting more readers.

But keep in mind, for my faithful readers, lol, that I am in grad school, so my workload will probably pile up and I might have to push Spoon to the side since drawing is not a guaranteed way of living, at least right now.

I plan to keep going at this pace for another 4 years, that is if I don't burn out, because experience has shown me that drawing a lot only makes you better and hopefully in 4 years, I will be 934802650 times better.

And I plan to draw Spoon only til the first story arc is over, since I do want it day. So please give me support and get peopel to read it! (for those who wants to see its

Ok, expect serialization soon!


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