Saturday, January 29, 2011

Going with the flow

So as expected, my training goes through its ups and downs where one moment, I feel pumped to draw and the next, where I just want to do nothing. I do remember before drawing the most recent SPOON, I went through a year or unproductivity. Recently, I asked Terry Moore on his fanpage:!/pages/Terry-Moore/131940990197610

what to do when an artist gets into a slump and he has been releasing chapters every 6 weeks for the past decade, and he was kind enough to respond to me saying:

" I work through the blocks. If I have to stare at a blank page for days, I do. I don't stop trying, because the dame thing is due in 2-3 weeks. The biggest difference between pros and amateurs is that amateurs work when they want to.

Good news is many creative breakthroughs come when you persist past the easy parts. Also, if stuck, it maybe for an intuitive reason- your "muse" stops because you've taken a wrong turn. If you're suddenly bored or stuck, your reader would be too. What would happen next to get you interested again-so interested that you have to write it because you're dying to read it? Keep your interest at that level and you won't lose your motivation because the mystery of what comes next keeps you, the writer, enthralled".

and today, I came across a video documenting Takehiko Inoue, creator of SLAM DUNK and VAGABOND, both of which I have read.

Seeing his process and how he too, a pro, gets caught up in blocks and also takes hiatuses started to make me realize that perhaps, right now, at the age of 23, I am still finding out my voice and am growing. But my life as of now, is in a bit of a mess, as always simply because I put myself in these situations, lol, but that's a blog for another time.

I hope you will enjoy the links I put up.

Til next time.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

straight inking

I inked this image using a nib and a brush to fill in the black areas, then used photoshop to scan it in and make it look blacker, lol. You can still see pencil lines, so theres only so much the scanner can do. To eliminate this problem, I will get a non photo blue pencil, because they do not show up in the scanner.

Recently, I am getting the itch again to do Spoon, but I know from previous times, if I start, I won't finish, so I will continue on with my training....til next time!

I think I am getting better using nibs and will continue to do so. I

Monday, January 17, 2011


Above, is a picture of my desk with my inking tools.

So this past month (well the month isn't up yet), I've been focusing on inking and drawing the human body. I realized one of my huge weaknesses were feet, so I have been continuously drawing feet, not perfect, of course. Another huge weakness of mine is drawing women, so i have been focusing on the female anatomy as well...

I also have been looking at youtube videos helping me to learn some is a wonderful thing :)

I found that using nibs are much...better than using a brush. I am definitely still shaky with it and how much ink to use, but with time, I am sure I will get better.

So for Februrary, I have decided to focus on drawing animals.

You can check out all my drawings on facebook!


Thursday, January 6, 2011


It has begun!

As I have stated, I have started to draw every single day (well tried to, haha). I decided to dedicate the month of January to drawing the human figure and I am using "DYNAMIC FIGURE GUIDE" by Burne Hogarth from a friend of mine, Zaid Jawad, who is currently attending art school in India.

All my drawings have been posted on my SPOON facebook page titled under "January".

While trying to draw everyday, I have also begun using brushes to try inking in a different fashion. A lot of buzz has been going around saying the Windsor Newyon series brush pens are very good for cartooning, so I will probably invest in those when I get the chance.

I hope to dedicate the first year to lots of drawing which includes perspective, animals, houses, real people, etc etc.

By year 2, I hope to explore color and master inking even more.

Hopefully by year 3, all of this will culminate together so I can restart Spoon...for realz.

But life as we all know, has many, many setbacks. I hope to develop a lot of discipline and continue to do wish me luck!