Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Goals for the New Year

Just finished this today during art class. :)
I hope to continue taking classes, but considering where my life is right now, we'll see.

Starting for the New Year, I hope to get back into drawing. My plan is dedicate each month to drawing a certain category such as animals, buildings, people, hands, cars, etc.

So in January, I will probably dedicate it to anatomy and spend a whole month working on that and try to do a sketch every day. Then in Februrary, I'll do buildings and perspective, and etc etc.

I hope to do this for the next 3 years or so until I feel like I am good enough. I was talking to my art teacher today about my slump and she said that I was growing. So perhaps all my doubt will be erased with time...of course, I must be training, lol. I also hope to start visiting my local comic book store more often and start reading some graphic novels and widen my horizon, visually.

I also hope to develop a lot of disicpline and gain a lot of skill during this time, so we will see where 2011 will lead me...

happy holidays everyone.


Friday, December 17, 2010


I posted in my last entry that I would be doing a oneshot, but this is no longer the case since my personal life has gotten a bit rocky again and none of my drawings or ideas seem to be flowing.

This has happened once before and I always seem to stop at a certain point making me even doubt if I can do a full serialization, a 10 year one for that matter, which is probably how long Spoon will be.

During my student teaching internship, I started to realize how much of a lazy human being I am and how hard my cooperating teacher works. Teaching was never my dream goal, but I do not even work diligently on drawing. Always at a certain point, I get lazy and just doodle away...or drop a project simply because "I do not feel like it".

The more I think about it, the more I realize I cannot accomplish my dreams and it terrifies me.

I've been reading about self publishing comic artists like Terry Moore (Echo, Strangers in Paradise) and Jeff Smith (Bone) and they have been drawing a series for 10 do they do it????

I feel as the older I get, the more I do not believe in myself simply because perhaps I am seeing the reality of things and how the world is changing. I have posted about this before where I see so many people with dreams trying to achieve their goals and yet nothing happens. Nothing.

We only hear about those who succeed, yet we never hear about the millions who do not, or more like we do NOT want to hear about them. I am so afraid that will happen to me.

Yet I spend most of my nights with friends or drinking. And I have read so many stories that this is NOT the life of a true artists or mangaka for that matter. I know I am a naturally social being who loves being with friends and enjoying the good life talking about my dreams and aspirations, yet here I am not going

Already I am 23 and before you know it, I'll be 30 and I'll say, "Wow..I never even published Spoon yet..have I?"

I know I will have to make sacrifices, but I'm really afraid of WHAT sacrifices I will make...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Frogilic Chronicles

Frogilic Chronicles:
"A young man named Katsuyo was once a frog and was kissed by a beautiful queen, but an evil sorceror interfered, so the spell was only half complete. Now Katsuyo is on a quest to find the queen and either become a full frog or a full human...what will he choose?"

This is the the title of my oneshot for the Yenpress contest and I have penciled in about half of it, so I hope to pencil in the rest by the end of the week...

I've shown this design to various people and they have all said the same thing:
"It looks like Naruto". LOL.

I am determined to finish it though and submit and get some sort of reaction, but in the meantime, I am still diligently training...wish me luck.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010


This is an attempt at a self protrait of me and my girlfriend, Betty. :)
As you can tell , my skills still need a lot of work, but I am practicing, so this is proof, lol.
On the other hand though...

I finished drawing my basic shapes (well my instructer helped me a lot, but I am getting there by understanding how to shade), so I will continue to take classes and hopefully get tons better with time....In other news...
I will not be doing Spoon for the Yen Press contest, but rather a different one shot.. I will unveil it soon, so I hope I can manage to finish it admist how busy I have gotten with student teaching..and as for Spoon, I might do it in monthly releases rather than biweekly, so we will see what happens.