Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The aftermath...

So let's start off with the bad news...NOTHING HAPPENED! =)

I met up with my friend, Huxley at Penn Station and we got in line for comicon, which was very long. As soon as we entered, we sat down and stapled my business cards to the flyers. I saw 3 editors, one of them, Interverse Comics, gave me praise. So that was off to a good start and said he would keep in touch (which he has not, lol). The others, not so well. I was able to meet Terry Moore, the author of "Strangers in Paradise" and "Echo". I asked him about his whole process and he told me how he did everything from beginning to end without ANY use of computers. I always thought people used computers to fill in the black parts....O__O

I went onto the anime floor and there, I started to pass out flyers to cosplayers and random people.

As expected, I passed out a lot of flyers and my fan count did NOT go up, but that is ok.

The rest of the day, I explored and tried to go to more portfolio reviews, such as ONIPRESS (publishers of Scott Pilgrim). A lot of them, I simply dropped off my stuff.

I was able to meet the creator of "Paradigm Shift", Dirk L. Tiede. He gave me a lot of pointers on where to go from my level. He was a very nice guy. He told me what all the other editors told me..that my basics needed work, meaning I should take some life skills. With a class and another year, I would level up...

Then the rest of the day, I went to the artist's alley and saw some AMAZING art...very amazing. Now I finally know it feels like when an anime character thinks he's become strong and than gets his ass KICKED by another character...

It really made me know where I was...now onto the GOOD NEWS!

While touring the anime part of comicon, I saw a man passing out flyers and low and behold they were for an art school! I asked my dad if I could take these classes since they would be every Sunday and would be $250 for 10 classes! AND HE AGREED! =DDD

So after my birthday extravaganza, my awesome friends drove me there for me to have an appointment and they offered me a deal where I would spend half the time in a fine arts class and the other half working on manga! I checked out their stuff..and WOW!

This is the chance I have been waiting for and am VERY VERY excited...I will be working with not one...but TWO teachers....so essentially I will be going back to the basics and relearning how to draw from scratch.


I will keep on drawing Spoon and continue to get better, but releases may become slower since I have a lot on my plate, but along with this, my drawings might get EXPONENTIALLY BETTER! =D

We will see...as of now...things are looking up! (knock on wood)


Friday, October 8, 2010


hi everyone!

so tomorrow is finally the day (well comicon started today but I had work, lol).
The two images above are the pictures I will be showing to the editors...so I hope they will AT LEAST notice me, haha.
I'm almost certain nothing great will happen, but it's the effort that counts, right?
So wish me luck! Maybe I'll see some of you readers there??? haha.