Monday, June 13, 2011

Looking into my crystal ball....

More and more recently, I have been looking into what I want to do with SPOON, whether to publish it into book format or just have it as a webcomic. I have always had it as a webcomic in hopes of it becoming a book but with the paper industry becoming more and more obsolete, it seems making SPOON a webcomic seems more beneficial and publishing it in volumes.

This post is not about me being depressed like I was a couple of months ago, but rather thinking of different ways to make my dream become a reality. :)

But before making any final decisions, I will still finish chapter 0 and submit it to various companies and see if i recieve, if any feedback.

In other news, me and my rival, Mr. Contreras have created a PROMATEURS twitter account:!/promateurs

So for those of you who missed it, catch the first episode here:

We have decided to release episodes in a biweekly format so the next episode will be out next Friday! If any of you have any interesting topics for us to discuss, let us know!


Monday, June 6, 2011


I am rolling along with SPOON finally and calling it chapter 0. After it's completion, I will submit it to other companies hoping for SOME kind of feedback, since I am getting back into my groove. Whether I will serialize this edition is still up in the air since I do have a really good story in mind (well I think it is). Also....

The PROMATEURS podcast has finally hit the air!...on the internet that is!

Me and my rival/friend Contreras (author of BLADE OF THE FREAK) will be doing a weekly podcast every Friday discussing various topics in the world of manga/comics/webcomics. If anyone has any interesting topics for us to talk about, feel free to comment on this blog or my fanpage or Contrera's fanpage. We would love to hear what everyone thinks!