Monday, February 6, 2012

in times like these...


So as usual, I am in a tight spot, drawing SPOON and on top of that, I am ALMOST done outlining for the yenpress contest........which is more difficult than you think since I have to fit it all into 32 pages, lol.

In other news, PROMATEURS, episode 14 is up:

It is called the "LOST EPISODE" because we recorded this previously, but it didn't record, lol.

You can check out her awesome manga here!

uh...I have a lot of stuff to talk about...mainly, promoting SPOON, I have been thinking more and more of trying to advertise it, but using sites such as smackjeeves and drunkduck seem to be getting me nowhere, but it also could be that the concept is very foreign to people and also the drawings still need work, lol.

But I keep telling myself the first chapter is yet to be finished and it's been only a month, so we shall see where things go in my to do list is as included:

-ONESHOT for yenpress
-setting up a DEVIANTART page

also, there will be a small hiatus for the podcast since my cohost has gone on yeah..that is all for now! back to drawing! haha