Monday, May 23, 2011



So I have finally graduated from college and now looking for jobs...hooray?

Anyways, me and my rival, Contreras have long last to computer through skype! And with this technology, we have decided to do a weekly podcast called PROMATEUR.

what is promateur?

It is a name I came up with in one of my discussions with Contreras about a possible magazine title and I came up with Promateur which was the inbetween of going pro but yet still amateurs in technique. So it is an inbetween, but we have decided to name our podcast this instead. So with this podcast, we will be discussing various topics such as the state of manga today to various penciling techniques. If you have any topics or questions for us to address in the podcast, just write on my SPOON page or Contrera's fan page:!/pages/Blade-of-the-Freak/125511932636

So tell all your friends! A post about when and where to hear these podcasts will be arriving soon!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Been awhile

As you can see, I have completed the cover to a new edition of SPOON! The character on the cover may seem familiar :)

I actually did draw 2 pages but I have become fickle and decided to scrap the two pages, which I might post up later as reject specials. I plan to get my drawing groove back and start applying for jobs as well to get my life together. The deadline for the contest is July 31st and as to whether I continue reserialization with SPOON is 50/50.

Me and my rival, Contreras have been discussing more and more about our online manga/comic idea and there seems to be other sites that have already started this, but that is not to say him and I will not do it. So now that college is over, I now have no more excuses to pursue my dreams and I hope to keep up this enthusiam! I will keep whoever reads this blog updated on how I plan to go about the future of SPOON, but first things first! Finishing this oneshot! :)