Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I know, I know.

There was suppose to be a new chapter and there isn't. I do not know when the next chapter will be out or I will even continue. I briefly went over reasons why last post, but more details:

I made a promise to myself a year ago saying how when I turn 23, I would dedicate my next 3 years to drawing and learning techniques so I can publish Spoon for real by the time I turn 26. Which means going back to the basics and learning how to draw from scratch, basically.

When I went to comicon earlier in October, I saw how small I was. It felt like how anime characters feel when they feel stronger and then they get completely owned. They all told me the same thing, I need to learn from the basics. I told myself that I would not go back to another convention until I got much better.

This is a story that I have redone numerous times and there are a few fans who have read everyone, which I am thankful for, but it seems somehow, I always run into a wall, not a roadblock where I wrote myself into a corner, because I can definitely finish the story I have now until completion, but I feel like I made a mistake with the way I executed the earlier chapters.

I do want Spoon to be perfect and to last for years, but as of right now, I realized I have A LOT of training to do and am also in the middle of grad school, which requires a HUGE amount of time from me, and I will need to have a fulltime job, so this poses numerous obstacles for me until I can get myself into that world, so for now, I will train.

I have started to take classes at a place near for an hour a week, which isn ot nearly enough, but it is better than nothing and I will also be doing my own training. But this blog and the facebook page will not be deactivated, as I still plan to draw and will post up my progress. i will also start become more active with my deviant art account. In fact right now, I am in the middle of redrawing Spoon chapter 1 to submit to Yen Press. So I will definitely post that once i finish it, expect it sometime in January.

Til next time.


Thursday, November 18, 2010


long time no talk, haha.

So I know for chapter 15, I am suppose to have 16 out by November 23rd, but I have come to a wall, meaning as of now, I am losing steam and simply cannot produce.

there are things I am unsatisfied with in the story right now (which will be fixed for the final final version, lol). As of right now, I don't plan to quit, but take a break until I get some kind of fire back and ONTOP OF THAT , I do plan on entering a contest for yen press, which I probably will not win...


I'm sorry for people who are waiting, but remember, I want to perfect this story and as of now, I actually am able to take art classes 10 minutes away from me and am working towards drawing better...and I am caught up in student teaching, so I will call this a hiatus.

Please bear with me. I will update however I can though.