Sunday, May 9, 2010


As an artist, I will be subjected to many views whether they are good or bad. Recently, I have gotten a lot of positive/negative feedback on both my story and art from various people. Through this process, I have acquired two editors, Zaid and Taylor,each suited for different parts of my manga, which I am grateful for.

Taylor, who I just became friends with recently is able to analyze the character and story flaws in Spoon. When I hear his logic, I am dumbfounded and his way of analyzing my characters really makes me wonder, "wow, why didn't I think of that??" I have a lot of work to do, haha.

Zaid, who saw my works on the facebook page, "Mangaka", is my art editor. He analyzes my art and says how the perspectives are off as well as my feet and hands, haha. He currently attends an art school in India.

I believe accepting criticism is extremely important because it will shake you and help you grow. Those who reject it are only stunting their development, this applies to artists everywhere. The worst is when you think you made the best piece of art and than someone bashes you for it. And you just want to tell the person to fuck off.

But I stop myself and go, " this the right way to approach them?"

If I am to grow and become a pro, I will take all the criticism thrown at me because to me, criticism is like my sunlight allowing me to grow (cheesy I

So bring it!

Chapter 4 is coming along nicely and almost finished so look forward to that on May 16th!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Been awhile!

Sorry for not posting here for awhile..I have been busy with schoolwork.

From now on, I will be posting chapters on facebook instead of here and will post up my thoughts and various tidbits of information on Spoon.

I hope everyone enjoyed chapter 3 and will keep on reading! Get your friends too!

I will post up another entry soon.