Sunday, February 27, 2011


So good news.

These past few weeks, I have been feelign creative and been coming out with some crazy ass ideas (ones that I like too!). Of course, I am afraid I will look back and find them not so hot later on and go into doubt. But I am starting to see myself getting better and am getting out of this rut. I think I forgot what it is like to have fun....which is very important!

So I have been coming up with character designs and landscapes of the story before I start drawing...I actually got some nice paper to draw on as well! So I must start that all soon....

More updates soon.

Monday, February 21, 2011



Schoolwork has been piling me up leaving me little or no time to draw of course...haha.

But awhile ago, me and a my rival were talking about this contest:

Since I wussed out of the last contest, I believe it is time to try again..and hopefully succeed. Whether I win or not is not the matter at hand, but whether I can finish it. The due date is July 7th giving me PLENTY of time to draw.

I plan to use SPOON, except a little different, hehe. The original chapter 1 I used I felt was a bit too much and for this oneshot, it will serve more as a prequel to the original version where it focuses on Charles being a vagabond. I plan to do everything differently where I ink with a nib and use better paper, so as of now, I feel excited and am still gathering ideas and we will see where this goes!

More news to come along the way....

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentines Dat! (or single awareness day..haha)

So I have not really drawn in a couple of weeks and I decided to draw this piece, but of course, once I started to ink and color, I thought it sucked making me go into a slump...again.

So I decided to go to the bookstore and look at manga, this time, the earlier Naruto volumes (because I thought the drawings were best back then...not now) and read Kishimoto's little entries about his childhood. It seemed he ran into the same block I did where he thought everything he drew sucked and said he became "afraid of manga". My girlfriend has finally admitted to me that when reading the previous, she felt that something was lacking and the story simply did not allure her, haha.

Well nonetheless, I hope to keep on producing and we'll see what happens....