Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Yooooooooooooo! nicorn...just kidding...get it? hahah...anyways...

I have been working like feverish beaver(well yoonicorn) and I have decided to start working on other projects ontop of SPOON..yes, I am crazy!

YENPRESS has initiated a grand tournament:

Yes, I will be entering this grand ordeal which requires 30 pages of epicness and for it, I have prepared a story, NOT SPOON, but one called O.G.

A story about a grandpa and a kung fu summary because I suck at summarizing..I feel like my summaries give away spoilers haha: heres a sketch below of the rough character sketch...

The epic contest is due March 30th...2 months...30 pages...O__O, my goal is to finish the rough draft for it by the end January so I can start penciling and stuff.

And my SECOND PROJECT is a child manga called YOKAI, a story about a monster boy with horns and just moved into a neighborhood and is a social outcast...haha

The sketch is just the design for the main character named YOKAI...whose name was inspired by a kid I recently met named...Yokai...hahah.

My goal with YOKAI is to submit it to publishers aiming towards a child hood audience hoping for it to be a kids manga teaching them morals and then eventually becoming an epic adventuring manga allowing kids to grow up with the character, but the market is getting I don't know, my goal is to have a couple of pages done by....March?

So really everything is piling up, my real job, and drawing.

I still want to update SPOON 5 times a week since it is just growing and I am pretty much on fire about the story at this point..but I am not sure if it will ever go past being a webmanga due to the strangeness of it..but we shall see...

ok, I've said a looooooot! haha also I am excited to have this awesome guest on our podcast...soon! who you may ask???....SECRET!


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